What is Sound DefendR?

Our Sound DefendR™ sound barrier is used primarily for automotive applications, and made with high quality Noise Grabber™ MLV and dense closed cell foam which are bonded together to create a formidable sound blocking material. Mass loaded vinyl is dense and heavy, but still flexible, which is the key to stopping sound transfer. Plus, the closed cell foam allows decoupling from the vehicle’s metal surface and offers insulation. The combination of these materials makes Sound DefendR™ the ultimate automotive noise killer.

Sound DefendR™ can be used in any area where noise can come in, including the vehicle’s cabin-side firewall, floor, trunk, roof, and doors. Sound DefendR™ is easy to install in any type of vehicle using spray-on adhesive.

Sound DefendR™ reduces road, tire, and engine noise to enhance your driving experience. It can also increase vehicle's acoustic performance, to maximize your stereo enjoyment.

How does MLV with Foam Work?

Sound DefendR™ is a 2-in-1 insulating barrier that both reduces and deadens sound travel. Sound DefendR's dual layer composition insulates vehicle for improved acoustics and audio performance.

This 2-in-1 product combines the sound blocking properties of Mass Loaded Vinyl with the sound absorbing and diffusing properties of Closed Cell Foam. The flexible MLV barrier continues to work to block sound transmission, reducing the overall sound that travels through the material. The closed cell foam layer absorbs and diffuses the remaining sound, drastically cutting down on the amount of sound that remains. The foam layer also acts as a decoupler to increase acoustic performance, by creating a dense, spongy layer between the MLV and your vehicle. This allows it to work perfectly as a noise blocker and insulator in any vehicle. Sound DefendR™ MLV with Foam not only will help block noise in your vehicle, it will also help insulate against heat. This product is easy to install - simply cut the material to the size you need, and then glue the foam side down to your car. It's that easy with Sound DefendR™!

Results have shown that Sound DefendR™ MLV with Foam are one of the best forms of reducing sound transmission. If you have any questions about Noise Grabber products, please contact our sales team at (866) 447-8438 or at sales@soundproofingmlv.com.

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