What is Reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl?

Noise Grabber Reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl is made from heat laminating a fiber-scrim reinforcement onto our high quality Mass Loaded Vinyl. The scrim reinforcement creates a stronger material, allowing higher tensile and tear strength, while also providing a textured, UV resistant finish. 

Reinforced MLV can be used in applications where standard MLV is not typically recommended, such as free hanging or grommeted applications. Reinforced MLV is recommended in these instances due to its increased tear resistance, meaning the material is stronger and will resist tearing much more then non-reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl.

The fiber reinforcement also provides the MLV a textured black finish. This scrim top surface is UV resistant, meaning that it can be used outdoors without fear of degradation due to sun exposure. 

Results have shown that Reinforced MLV is the best option for soundproofing outdoors. If you have any questions about Noise Grabber™ products, please contact our sales team at (866) 447-8438 or at sales@soundproofingmlv.com.

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