What are Sound Isolation Clips?

Sound Isolation Clips are designed for use with any wood framed, steel framed, CMU, and / or concrete wall and ceiling system where noise control is needed. Noise Grabber™ Sound Isolation Clips decouple and isolate the gypsum board or plywood from the structure, increasing acoustical performance of the system. Sound Clips are made from high quality rubber and metal, and are a small, lightweight, and effective option for soundproofing. 

How do Sound Isolation Clips Work?

Noise Grabber™ Sound Isolation Clips are installed onto studs to decouple walls to reduce sound transmission. Decoupling is the process of separating two parts of a wall for the purpose of inhibiting vibration transmission and blocking loud noises from traveling across the wall. Noise occurs when sound waves hit a solid object, like a wall. This vibratory sound easily transfers between connected objects. If sound waves hit one side of a wall, they have no trouble traveling to the other side and creating unwanted noise. Sound Isolation Clips reduce noise by separating the wall from the studs and preventing vibrations that create sound from traveling through the wall. 

Sound Isolation Clips should be installed every 24" vertically on studs, and can support a layer of 1 LB Mass Loaded Vinyl and a layer of 5/8" drywall. For heavier systems, increase the number of clips to support the additional weight. Sound Isolation Clips fasten directly to the stud or on top of the drywall into the stud creating a 1-5/8" cavity between the face of the framing and the back of the gypsum board. Noise Grabber™ Sound Isolation Clips stops the noise and vibrations that typically would transfer through the wall.

Sound Isolation Clips - Style 1

Sound Isolation Clips - Style 2

Different Types of Sound Isolation Clips

We offer two styles of Noise Grabber™ Sound Isolation Clips. Both are made to be used on walls, ceilings, or other structures with joists or studs.

Style 1 clips are black and made with a large rubber bumper and held with a single screw. Style 1 clips are for use in lighter applications or places where a taller clip is not a problem. 

Style 2 clips are red and comprised mostly of rubber, with only metal end caps for installation. Style 2 clips hold 2 screws, and are generally used for heavier applications. They are also 1/8" thinner than Style 1 clips, allowing them to be used in low profile installation.

When installed as the sole method of soundproofing, either style clip offers between a 15 to 20 increase in STC rating, making it a fantastic option as part of a soundproofing assembly, as well as a stand-alone option for sound reduction.

Results have shown that Sound Isolation Clips are one of the best forms of reducing sound transmission. If you have any questions about Noise Grabber™ products, please contact our sales team at (866) 447-8438 or at sales@soundproofingmlv.com.

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