At SoundproofingMLV®, we came up with a simple idea: to focus on the best sound reducing solution, and do it right!

Soundproofing MLV® specializes in Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), the most economical, simple, and wide-ranging solution for sound reduction. MLV is effective and easy to install, making it a popular sound reduction solution for both commercial and DIY customers. Noise Grabber™ MLV is manufactured using advanced manufacturing techniques, creating an effective noise blocking sheet. Click here to learn more about Noise Grabber™ brand Mass Loaded Vinyl and how it can work for you!

We also offer several other Noise Grabber™ brand products, which are specifically designed to reduce sound transmission and create a quieter space. Noise Grabber™ Acoustic Underlayment provides a sound reduction option for underneath your floors to stop sound travel between levels of a building. Noise Grabber™ Sound Clips can be used to decouple walls and increase sound dissipation between rooms. And our Noise Grabber™ Sound Isolation Pads can be used under appliances and helps to reduce vibrational sound caused by machinery or equipment. For more information on Noise Grabber™ products, click here!

SoundproofingMLV® is also a proud supplier of Green Glue Noiseproofing Products, which includes both the Green Glue Compound and Sealant. Green Glue Compound is an innovative sound reducing product that goes in between two layers of drywall to create a sound reducing layer, while Green Glue Sealant is used to fill seams and cracks and prevent the flow of air and sound. 

All of our products are non-toxic and safe to use anywhere, and they are widely used in the home, office, outdoors, commercial and industrial settings, vehicles, and more. Frequent applications for Noise Grabber™ products include home theaters, professional and home recording studios, business offices, automotive soundproofing, vehicle sound systems, and more. Learn more about where our products can be used on our Applications page.

SoundproofingMLV® is focused on providing not only a great user experience, but a high quality product. This includes all of our product offerings, which are thoroughly tested for both quality and noise reduction results. And while we only offer the best in prodcuts, we work tirelessly to provide these products at the lowest price on the market, and we are so confident in our ability to do so that we back that up with our SoundproofingMLV Price Match Guarantee.

If you have any questions about Noise Grabber™ products, contact us at (866) 447-8438 or at

Why choose SoundproofingMLV?

• Wide assortment of sound reducing products

• Tested in certified USA Labs to meet highest standards

• Lowest prices available, 100% guaranteed, all the time

• Always FREE shipping, from fast, reliable carriers

• A staff of experienced acoustical experts ready to help

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer premium sound reduction materials and excellent customer service at the best prices in the market. We are here to offer safe, effective, and affordable noise reduction solutions for professional, commercial, and DIY customers.