The SoundproofingMLV™ Price Match Guarantee

At SoundproofingMLV™, we guarantee that we have the lowest price around for Mass Loaded Vinyl, and we are willing to back that up!

We created the SoundproofingMLV Price Match Guarantee to ensure our customers know we are providing the best deal available. We pride ourselves not just on our quality, but on being the best in every area, including price!  

How It Works

Our price match policy is simple: If you find a better price on Mass Loaded Vinyl, we will beat it! At SoundproofingMLV, not only do we promise to beat competitor prices, we also ship everything for FREE! Our guarantee is price-matched against the total shipped price of your order.

Beware of Inferior Products

Please note that there are different, and lesser, qualities of "mass loaded vinyl" on the market. These options may be cheaper, but they are inferior quality products made from materials that are less effective for soundproofing, like rubber or EVA! Our premium Noise Grabber MLV is made from high quality PVC in the United States, and we only price match other PVC based products. This allows us to guarantee not just the price, but the quality of our Noise Grabber MLV.

High Quality Guaranteed

When you choose SoundproofingMLV products, you can be comfortable and confident knowing that you’re getting the highest quality product available at the best possible price.

To take advantage of the SoundproofingMLV Price Match Guarantee, contact us with the lower price details and our sales representatives will provide you a lower price.

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