Sound DefendR™ MLV with Closed Cell Foam Technical Specifications
1 LB Mass Loaded Vinyl with 1/4" Closed Cell Foam
Tensile (ASTM D412) 900 psi

Elongation (ASTM D412): 125%

Tear Resistance (Die C) (ASTM D412):

100 lbf/in
(17.5 kN/m)

R-Value (per Inch):

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) Standard No. 302 : Pass

Surface / Back Finish:

Smooth / Foam



STC Rating:

28 STC

For more information on our STC ratings, please see our About STC Ratings page!

Sound DefendR™ Test Results:

Our Sound DefendR™ Mass Loaded Vinyl with Closed Cell Foam is thoroughly tested at certified USA laboratories to ensure it meets the above specifications. Sound DefendR™ MLV with Foam is compliant with ASTM standards, as well as FMVSS Standards. This allows us to have a tested, proven product on the market so that our customers feel comfortable knowing that they are buying a well-made, certified product.

Sound DefendR™ Spec Sheets

Sound DefendR™ Specification Sheets

We also have downloadable specification sheets for our Noise Grabber™ and Sound DefendR™ Mass Loaded Vinyl products. These show all the pertinent information regarding our test results, as well as some information about the product itself. If you have any questions about what is on the specification sheet, or if there is a specification you are looking for that you do not see here, please give us a call and one of our associates will be happy to help you.

Sound DefendR™ MLV with Foam Properties

Sound DefendR™ Mass Loaded Vinyl with Closed Cell Foam is created from laminating a 1/4" thick, dense, closed cell foam onto our proprietary Noise Grabber™ Mass Loaded Vinyl. Our MLV with Foam retains the density and flexibility of MLV, while using the foam as a decoupling layer for sound and thermal insulation. Sound DefendR™ is easy to install with spray adhesive or a dual sided adhesive (attached to the foam side only) and can be cut to shape easily with a utility knife. Due to its non-toxic design, Sound DefendR™ MLV can be safely installed inside homes, cars, or offices without any of the concerns that apply with some other forms of sound reducing materials.

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