SoundproofingMLV® Installation Accessories

Westward Caulk Gun - 28 oz

• Standard large size caulk gun for dispensing 28 oz caulk, sealant or adhesive tubes

• Perfect size for applying Green Glue Noiseproofing Products

• Chrome plated with standard ratcheting feature for ease of use

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Titebond Acoustical Smoke and Sound Sealant

• Acoustical caulk specifically designed to prevent travel of sound and smoke through seams

• Works great to finish seams, edges, and corners on all soundproofing projects

• Convenient 28 oz tube covers 60+ lineal feet with 1/8" bead

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Black Vinyl Acoustical Tape

• Acoustical vinyl tape is perfect for sealing seams and gaps when installing MLV

• Covers gaps between two pieces of Mass Loaded Vinyl to prevent sound travel

• Easy to use at 2 inches wide with 108 feet in each roll

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2" Cap Nails

• Cap nails securely fasten MLV to any wood surface

• Plastic cap washer not only holds material securely but dampens acoustics as well

• 2" long with washers for added strength

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2" Drywall Screws with Washers

• Fine threaded drywall screws can be used to fasten MLV

• Can be used to install MLV on to wood, metal, gypsum board, and many other substrates 

• 2" long with washers for added strength

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Tape Measure

• 12' tape measure is great to measure spaces for soundproofing projects

• Easy to use with auto-retract feature

• 12' total length for ease of use and can measure most standard spaces

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Utility Knife

• Standard use razor knife for multi-purpose cutting

• Works great to cut MLV, Foam, Butyl, and other soundproofing materials

• Razor blade included, takes standard size blade replacement

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Drywall Square

• Standard metal drywall square for use in installing Mass Loaded Vinyl

• Works great to measure and make straight cuts on Noise Grabber™ MLV

• 26" long and 14" wide for ease of use

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